Saturday, July 5, 2008


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(NOTE on my recent performance, and talk, "Gilgamesh":  Perhaps the best testament is that at both the talk in the morning, and after the performance that evening, each audience stayed and stayed in order to discuss the power, meaning, implications, and whatever moved them.  That really says something.... that a person who carved this story into clay tablets 4500 years AGO can still speak directly to each of us, timelessly.)

Please scroll on down this pixellated parchment.  May you discover the many delights I have to offer, such as powerful historical performances, scary tales, ancient myths, and playful tales...  I aim at adult audiences, families, and kids and tailor my shows accordingly -- AND I do requests. 

ALSO!  You will find the CDs, cassettes, and booklets that I have to offer -- a way to make the stories your very own.  Please e-mail me if you have questions (

The National Endowment for the Arts awarded me their Solo Performance Fellowship  and, as you'll  discover below, I have a number of award winning CDs as well as children's booklets to offer.

Too, there are recommendations from others in the field (e.g.: "...a powerful presence..." --Jay O'Callahan") ("...simultaneously powerful and inviting" -- Michael Parent).   There is a list of favorite offerings (always expanding), and --- well, scroll on down.  It's all there.

Ah, but HERE!  Just below, is a photo of my very first solo performance as a storyteller -- self-motivated, too.  I just HAD  to tell the story of Mercury to my 6th grade classmates, and I went all out....cardboard wings and dining room drapes   AND, I've never looked back.  I was launched. 

...telling a good one from
 "Scary Stories From Around the World"


In character as "Rachel Carson" ...

Captured in the middle of  a tense theatrical moment...

After telling "Billy the Kid" at Timpanogos...

...and looking back at you!


Friday, July 4, 2008


Dedicated to the spirit of Rachel Carson and her sense of wonder, this little bedtime story simply recounts one night in the piney woods when I responded to an owl's call -- only to realize that the owl was circling in closer and closer, until he was directly overhead.  I grew frightened and though he called again, I remained silent.  I will always wonder what would have happened if I had answered that owl's last call.  It is beautifully illustrated in full-color, full-page dreamlike drawings.  $7 (incl. s/h)

I wrote this original story on request from Sage Magazine in Albuquerque, where I performed it for a Christmas pageant.  It is a touching story of a little girl and an old man at Christmastime -- in the way, and left out of all the tree-trimming excitement.  The loving grandfather takes his grand-daughter outside where, together, they decorate a tree for the animals.  They use discarded decorations and what-not, and add nuts along the ground as gifts.  But what can they use as the crowning jewel at the top?  What can be grand enough?  I am not selling it, but sharing it for s/h costs:  $3.


Adapted from the oral tradition, this is a delightful performance tale with a surprise "artifact" to be shown at the end -- proving that it is a true story!  You're welcome to take this tale and make it your own -- but never tell it without the "artifact" in your pocket!  Written and illustrated by yours truly.  $3 (s/h included).