Friday, July 4, 2008


Dedicated to the spirit of Rachel Carson and her sense of wonder, this little bedtime story simply recounts one night in the piney woods when I responded to an owl's call -- only to realize that the owl was circling in closer and closer, until he was directly overhead.  I grew frightened and though he called again, I remained silent.  I will always wonder what would have happened if I had answered that owl's last call.  It is beautifully illustrated in full-color, full-page dreamlike drawings.  $7 (incl. s/h)

I wrote this original story on request from Sage Magazine in Albuquerque, where I performed it for a Christmas pageant.  It is a touching story of a little girl and an old man at Christmastime -- in the way, and left out of all the tree-trimming excitement.  The loving grandfather takes his grand-daughter outside where, together, they decorate a tree for the animals.  They use discarded decorations and what-not, and add nuts along the ground as gifts.  But what can they use as the crowning jewel at the top?  What can be grand enough?  I am not selling it, but sharing it for s/h costs:  $3.


Adapted from the oral tradition, this is a delightful performance tale with a surprise "artifact" to be shown at the end -- proving that it is a true story!  You're welcome to take this tale and make it your own -- but never tell it without the "artifact" in your pocket!  Written and illustrated by yours truly.  $3 (s/h included).

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