Monday, December 10, 2007


FOR YOUNG CHILDREN -- "A Sense of Wonder"
Because the young children did NOT want to leave when I presented these stories in Boulder, I am offering, on a wider scale, my NEW program for children:  the wisdom of scientist and lover of the natural world: "Rachel Carson:  A Sense of Wonder."   Aimed at little kids and their grown-ups, this program describes delightful encounters with the natural world -- how to be quiet and be present --  and let NATURE and her animals tell YOU stories.  A sure cure for this new-fangled thing they're calling "Nature Deficit Disorder."  Come outside and be....
(NOTE: see newly released children's book, "Answer an Owl" above... dedicated to the spirit of Rachel Carson)

FOR ADULTS -- "Victoria Woodhull for President/1872"
Topical as all get out, think seriously about inviting  "Victoria Woodhull for President -1872"  to your venue!  Her running mate was Frederick Douglass, a black man.  Obama and Clinton are NOT something new.  What's more, Victoria's platform was astonishingly modern in its scope -- as well as rather shocking since one of her planks was:  free love.  Women have the right to the same sexual free-for-all as men have, said she.  I present this show in character.

FOR FAMILIES -- "The Epic of Gilgamesh"
I am personally deeply moved by the ancient tale of "Gilgamesh."   It is a 4,500 year old story describing one man's  search for immortality, from what is now Iraq.  A timeless, poetic, and powerful story,  it rocks you to your bones as the hero struggles against the inevitability of death -- both of those he loves and his own.  As a king, he is powerful, reckless, and arrogant, but when his best friend dies, he fights against fate.  Embittered and crazed with grief he makes his way to the ends of the earth seeking immortality -- and finally comes to terms with it all. You will recognize yourself here.

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