Monday, December 10, 2007


2004 Parents’ Choice Award ("Scary Stories from Around the World)
2002 Storytelling World Honor Award ("Sojourner Truth")
1996 Parents’ Choice Award ("Billy the Kid")
1991 National Endowment for the Arts Solo Performance Artist Fellowship Grant

"high-ranking performer"
--National Endowment for the Arts

"Scary Stories.." CD: "Perhaps more mysterious than scary, this collection will entertain listeners who want a chill bump or two without accompanying nightmares. Ransom wisely selected stories without the distasteful gore or violence that seeps into so many entertainment programs labeled as “scary.” Parents can rest easy with this diverse collection of tales found in a variety of cultures."
--Parents’ Choice Reviewer

"Ransom’s remarkable talent as an actress and storyteller was evident from the first moment of her first story."
--The Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I was so thoroughly engaged that I lost track of time."
--James Nave, Founder, Director: Taos Storytelling Festival

"...a powerful presence..."
--Jay O’Callahan,

"...simultaneously powerful and inviting."
--Michael Parent,

"...enthusiastically received and critically acclaimed"
--Barbara Dawson, Artistic Agent, Christchurch, New Zealand

"..mesmerized her audiences...immediate and personal"
--Douglas Temkin, Spoken Word Series, West Valley College, Saratoga, CA

"It was the best day at school I’ve ever had!"
--Student at Red River Schoolhouse (NM) 75th Anniversary

DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW REPERTOIRE ADDITIONS (more repertoire listings below these new ones):

"A Sadhu’s Christmas in India" Barefoot and penniless under vow of poverty, Sara Ransom walked through India as a spiritual pilgrim (sadhu) in the early ‘70s. These are some of her stories.

"The Epic of Gilgamesh" The world’s most ancient story (from what is now Iraq)-- 4500 years old. A tyrant king who seeks immortality and enslaves his subjects to reach his goal. But then he encounters a wildman from the wilderness... and everything changes.

"Maui The Trickster" In fine company with Coyote, Anansi, Monkey, and Jack--Trickster Maui of Polynesia brings the secret of fire, slows the sun, and fishes up entire islands. Invite this show to your school, or family program of any size.

"A Sense of Wonder" Aimed at little kids and their grown-ups, this program describes delightful encounters with the natural world -- how to be quiet and be present, and let NATURE and her animals tell YOU stories.  Based squarely on the writings of Rachel Carson (author also of "Silent Spring"), this is a sure cure for this new-fangled thing called "Nature Deficit Disorder."  Come outside and be.

WORKSHOPS (tailored for adults or children):
"Art of Storytelling," "Creating Your Own," "Master Class," "Myth & Wisdom," "How-to of Historical Characters"

JUST A FEW MORE FAVORITES FOR CHILDREN (delightfully participatory):
"Just-So Stories," "Starstories," "Swedish Storyquilt," "African Storystick"(on tape), "Scary Stories from Around the World"(on CD), "Scary Stories from Across the Nation," "Trollen!" (plural of Troll), "Dreams of Flying," "Maui the Trickster," "A Sense of Wonder" and so many more

"Sojourner Truth"(on CD), "Billy the Kid"(on CD & tape), "What a Woman Most Wants," "The Selkie," "Finn McCool," "Victoria Woodhull for President/1872!" "Gilgamesh" (and that’s just for starters)

8th Annual Winter Festival of Stories, (Boulder Library), Boulder, CO
Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Orem, UT
Albuquerque Folk Festival, NM
Four Corners Storytelling Festival, Farmington, NM
Four Corners Folk Festival, Pagosa Springs, CO
Ram Dass & Friends, Santa Fe, NM, Austin, TX, Durango, CO
Spoken Word Series, W.Valley College, Saratoga, CA
Taos Storytelling Festival, Taos, NM
“Once Upon a Time” Storytelling Festival, Arapahoe District, Littleton CO
Rocky Mountain Storytelling Festival, Monument CO
Rocky Mountain Storytelling Conference, Denver CO
Renaissance Festivals, Farmington, NM
Utah ARTS ON TOUR, Utah Arts Council
"Festival of Romance," Christchurch, New Zealand
"Teddy Bear Festival," Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand ON TOUR
Three Apples Storytelling Festival, Harvard MA
“Dangerous Ideas” /Solo Performance Art Festival, New York City NY
New England ON TOUR
Tellabrations, Albuquerque & Farmington NM, Mancos, CO
Storyfiesta, Albuquerque NM
Sharing the Fire, Cambridge MA
Fall Festival of Tales, Charlottesville, VA

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