Monday, December 10, 2007


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The dramatic telling of the life of the west's most famous outlaw - a charming, intelligent kid who loved to dance and sing, a kid who couldn't keep out of trouble, a kid no jail could hold. Gripping and dramatic telling. Historically accurate. Available on CD and cassette. This recording received a coveted Parents' Choice Award.

Eight stories from around the world, posing questions like... ...why do the Costa Ricans say you must never travel alone late at night? ...what is widdershins and why does it scare the Scots? ...would you shudder with the Africans when they encounter talking skulls? ...or shiver with the Chinese and Japanese as they cross misty bridges at night? ...what becomes of the arrogant among the Native Americans? ...and what really scares a punk in Australia, a kid who said he wasn't scared of nothin'? DOES WHAT SCARES THEM SCARE YOU? This CD received a coveted Parents' Choice Award.

THE SUNDARAKAND ( "The Beautiful Story" )
From India, a retelling of the most beloved chapter of the Tulsidas "Ramayana." This chapter tells the story of Hanuman, the monkey god, and his search for the kidnapped princess Sita who is held captive by the demon king, Ravana. Funny at times, dramatic, poignant... This telling is a direct translation from the lyrically poetic original text.

A delightful collection of audience participation stories collected from numerous African countries. Each object on the teller's storystick represents a story, from the trickeries of Anansi to the last-minute cleverness of a little monkey... The stories invite audience participation. Seven stories. Available on CD and cassette!

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